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Virtual Membership

What is included in a Virtual Membership?

(Membership will go live January 2021)


We understand that productivity doesn't slow down, even when the world gets a bit hectic. That's why we offer a Virtual Membership for those who are looking for Investability, Connectability, and Accountability, no matter where they are.


Here are a few things that a Virtual Membership can provide you:

1. Access to our exclusive Linkedin Group

2. The ability to utilize our weekly meeting scheduler

3. Exclusive resources to help you craft your skills

4. Attendance to monthly virtual events: last Wednesday of the      month

5. Connections to the Investable Mastermind Community    through our Mobile App [COMING SOON].

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We're focused on three key areas to help you be successful.

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The Benefits of Being a Virtual Member



  • Ability to connect with Investable Mastermind city Node Members and community participants

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with Keynotes and Special Guests


  • Monthly content is based on the Investable Concepts

  • Keynote provides insight and wisdom on the theme of the month



  • Participate in the “spotlight” or the audience for a productive inquiry



  • Each week each event attendee will have the opportunity for a 1:1 introduction call with another community participant in 3 easy steps:

  1. ) INTRO CALL INVITE - A professional is identified you should meet for a 15-minute intro call at a mutually available time. We send the calendar invite with a profile of your match to review.

  2. ) ACCEPT OR DECLINE THE INVITE - If you and your match both accept the invite, the meeting is booked and we provide a one-touch conference line. All logistics are handled by us for your convenience.

  3. ) 15 MIN INTRO CALL - Simply click the conference line from your calendar and start networking. We even provide the prep notes about your match prior to your call.


  • Weekly opportunity to show and connect with a like-minded individual

  • Showing up on time and prepared to make a meaningful impression with a chance to possibly collaborate




  • Ability to connect with other Investable Mastermind community participants


  • Daily content is based on the Investable Concepts



  • Weekly content based from our community of Certified Advisors bringing valuable content based on Investable Concepts 

  • Content created based on the theme for the month


  • Gamification with points awarded for completing various daily tasks



  • At various time throughout the year, Certified Advisors will offer Office Hours to sign up for. 

  • During these office hours, Node Members will receive coaching and training based on the Certified Advisors subject matter expertise.

What should you do next?

The Investable Mastermind is focused on the transformation of individuals and the growth and success of organizations.

  • Communicate with the person who invited you to the community

  • Chose if joining as a Node Member is right for you

  • Play full out and build an abundant life you love!

  • Schedule a 15 minute meeting 

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