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"The Investable Mastermind team has played a critical role in the launch and early success of our company. Whether it was assisting in the implementation/formation of the business plan, helping with legal resources, or training me how to properly seek funding; The Team showed great leadership and has been the best accountability partner anyone could ask to have on their team.

As I look back over the past year and reviewing everything we have accomplished, I can truly say we would not be even half as successful without the assistance of Investable Mastermind."

- Fred R

"Working with Investable Mastermind has been a game changer for our company. After the first session, our entire group was sold and saw the value of Investable Mastermind and the Investable Mastermind programs. We wanted to grow our company, but had no idea how to get out of working in the business to be able to work on our business. Over several months, Investable Mastermind asked the hard questions, consistently challenged us and held us accountable, and gave us the tools and insight to dig deep and create a playbook that made sense and got our entire team excited about our plan.  Now that we have gone through the program and are in the implementation and action phase, our team can confidently and intelligently speak our plan out to investors, bankers, and potential partners. Even a 7 year old would all be able to understand our plan, and the steps necessary for execution. We are so happy with the results and the new found energy we all have that we plan to keep Investable Mastermind on board as our strategic coach to leverage moving forward. It’s like having our very own extra set of eyes in the press box helping us to run our playbook. It has been a pleasure working with Investable Mastermind, and I strongly recommend Investable Mastermind and the program to any and all that want to grow their business in a way that makes it truly investable. Thank you Investable Mastermind, we would not have been in this position without your help."

- Paul J

"I left the Investable Mastermind session feeling empowered to set more ambitious goals for our business. Thanks for sharing your time and your expertise."

- Brendan N

"I loved your talk this morning. Not because it was informational but unexpectedly very inspirational (!). Thank you."

- Hema T

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"The Investable Mastermind Team are great strategic thinker and people connecter. Their ability to evaluate, synthesize, and correlate many perspectives make them an incredible partner and confidant. I always appreciate Investable Mastermind’s perspective and insight they brings to the table!"

- Jeff D

"Simply put, Investable Mastermind gets it. They understands business and knows what it takes to make them grow. They have integrity. If you are lucky to work with them, they will have your back, 100%!"

- Nick S

"Investable Mastermind is a rare program. They have an advanced understanding of client needs. They really try to understand the clients in a manner that adds value to their business. The Investable Mastermind framework is an innovative way to win at business. Investable Mastermind is the only resources I call for counsel on new business ventures and often the first person to whom I refer clients looking for growth and success."

- Martin S

"The Investable Mastermind team are human dynamos. They  think big, leverages the vast understanding of funding, talent and business development to get things done! Investable Mastermind brings significant thought leadership to our entrepreneurial communities. Investable Mastermind is super exciting and unique approach to developing entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors."

- Damien R

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"Investable Mastermind’s experience and knowledge has greatly helped our students in understanding issues that relate to entrepreneurs. Investable Mastermind is able to explain various business issues and funding tools to our entrepreneurial students so that they can apply those lessons to their own business ideas.

I enjoy having the Investable Mastermind Team come to my entrepreneurship course. The content explanations help students be entrepreneurial instead of hearing about entrepreneurship."

- Tim D

"The Investable Mastermind Team are entrepreneurs at heart and their passion to help entrepreneurs thrive is noticeable from the first minute you talk with them.Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with the  Investable Mastermind Team  in different capacities. The overarching theme to our interactions... is Investable Mastermind’s consistency.Consistency with delivering high value

Consistency with bringing innovative solutions
Consistency with asking tough, yet eye-opening questions
Consistency with improving and growing the relationship"

- Mazen B

"I hadn’t thought about lawyers being visionary entrepreneurs until I met Michael from Investable Mastermind. Now I’ve met several, but he remains the standard I judge all others by. Twenty or more ideas a week, check! Creative problem solver, check! Constantly making and nurturing deep, positive relationships, check! Paints a picture of the future that people want to follow him to, check! Totally appreciate this guy, a force of nature."


- Steve W

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"As the founder of a venture-backed startup (and a former big law attorney myself), I know that when it comes to legal services, you rarely get what you pay for. Michael and the Investable Mastermind Team are needles in the haystack."

- Bharath K

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Investable Mastermind Team on several projects. The Investable Mastermind Team  is always reaching further than others, with an entrepreneurial vision and tremendous energy. Their integrity and character define their approach to business and entrepreneurship."

- Jean C

"The Investable Mastermind Team  is reliable, professional, honest, and hard working. They have taken our idea to new heights. Investable Mastermind has connected us with the right people and other businesses to help our product have the best outcome for success. Investable Mastermind has personally given  advice resulting in success for our business. The  Investable Mastermind Team also stays in contact and replies to all questions you have along the way. There is no better team out there I could recommend other than the Investable Mastermind Team for all your entrepreneurship avenues."

- Mike G

"Investable Mastermind is a big-picture kind of program that supports you in creating an idea and then stops at nothing to execute it."

- Lindsey M

"Attending the event was great - it was professional and yet personal at the same time."


~ Chris K.

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