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Resource Partners

Our book summaries will help you achieve more in your business, your career, and even your personal life. Each summary condenses a 300+ page business book into an 8-page summary, so you can get the key ideas in 30 mins.


Online bookkeeping powered by real humans. Get the benefits of a professional bookkeeper at a price you can afford, and powerful financial reporting software with zero learning curve.

Kiwi Tech

KiwiTech’s unique program for startups includes technology support, investment, go-to-market support and mentoring. We enable entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into cutting-edge products. We believe in co-building great companies with our startup partners.

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TEN Capital

TEN Capital has been providing the best ROI for your fundraise through our Funding as a Service program since 2009.

Next Round Partners

Financial models need to be more than just an income statement, they need to tell a story to key stakeholders and investors. A story that quickly validates (or invalidates) strategic decisions and highlights the key levers critical to success.

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Early Growth Financial Services

Early Growth is your strategic partner, leading your finances & accounting so you can focus on your business, customers & team.

Radius Bank

At Radius, we’re committed to delivering superior products and services to help our clients meet their financial goals.

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Invest Right

We provide personalized coaching and the tools for you to sell your ideas to companies.

Digital Niche Agency

Digital Niche Agency (DNA) has worked with over 290 brands on data-driven marketing campaigns to effectively acquire users, customers, and investors.

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Start Engine

StartEngine helps everyday people invest and buy shares in startups and early growth companies. We believe in creating access: that everyone should be able to invest in the ideas that could become the great businesses of tomorrow and that entrepreneurs should be able to raise money from the public and those that believe most in them.


The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) represents and supports the profession of school psychology by advancing effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior and mental health, and by maintaining essential standards for ethics and practice.

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Be Investable

Be Investable is a place for entrepreneurs to go and receive the attention, programming and systems needed to grow themselves, their business and ultimately obtain funding.

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Envision U

Envision-U is the leader in helping organizations and individuals translate strategy into results. Envision-U enhances both human and organizational programs with exciting new concepts that not only teach performance principles but also add a unique accountability factor for increased and sustainable results.

Growth U

Growth-U is a personal development company designed to help upgrade your human success operating system — your HSOS. Just as you need to regularly update the operating system on your smartphone, updating your HSOS helps you create and enjoy the health, wealth, and happiness you desire.

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Founded in 2017, Kyyba Innovations is committed to encouraging and driving entrepreneurship in new disruptive technologies. Kyyba Innovations has pioneered the way for startups and next-gen entrepreneurs to innovate and accelerate their ideas to reality, while helping with investment and scaling of their business.


Foundersuite makes software for raising capital, including the industry-leading Investor CRM, a database of 140k VCs and angels, pitch deck hosting, investor updates, startup docs, and more. Foundersuite has been used by startups around the world to raise over $2.5 billion in venture capital.

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