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The Forgotten Key to Multiplying Your Performance and Elevating Your Game

Maximal Achievers are known to be mega producers in their work and peak performers in their field. People are vying for your time, attention, decisions, and energy. As leaders we want to lead, we enjoy it, we get energy from it. But there is a tipping point and you must also lead yourself in valuing your own recovery.

We must master how to sustain our productivity and performance for the long game. Yes, strong work ethic is paramount to success. Yet, we live in a culture that glorifies the grind, the go go go mindset, the short term gains and pushing yourself to the extreme. While growing up in this culture, many people have become conditioned to discount the value of their recovery at a very early age and it goes unnoticed and unchecked. Many of us don't recognize unsustainable work habits and constant tension until it comes at a very high cost to our health and/or our personal lives.

Did you know that it is written into our biological rhythm for our body to tell us like clockwork throughout the day when we need a break to replenish our energy reserves?

You see, the intensity with which you work must equal the intensity with which you rest. The key to sustained peak performance is the pulse between productivity and recovery.

Maximal acheivers value their recovery and capitalize on this secret to practice maximization of their productivity and sustain their epic acheivements.

Today, honor your natural rhythm, value your recovery and watch your peak performance and achievements soar to new heights.


Harness your daily energy and boost your productivity by timing out your day to include recovery breaks every 60-90 minutes of work. Do something that will bring you joy and make a shift in your energy. Maybe it’s a walk under the sun, a stretch in the fresh air, a sip on a nutritious shake, or a listen to your favorite beat.

“The brightest minds and the business moguls spend their time either in intense productivity or engaging in complete recovery!” - Mazen Baisa
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