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No, I Cannot Help You With That.

Anyone who works out or is active, has had a picture of their “perfect” self in mind. If they closed their eyes they could see the man or woman that had the physical body they aspired towards. Whether it be a body built for speed or endurance, flexibility or strength, tone or bulk, the image was vivid in nature based on role models and images we have previously been exposed to. For some this vision becomes a reality, for others they struggle their whole life never achieving it and yet for others, they quit before they get started. So why is it that some achieve their physical goals and others do not? 

The answer is simple - they do the work. They put in the time and effort and they stay committed long after it is no longer fun, let alone seems worth it. 

Being successful in life requires the attributes of the same discipline, focus and determination to overcome fears, obstacles and challenges.

If you want to have the life many people dream of, you have to be willing to do the work many people avoid doing. 

Some of this work looks like going to the gym - the mental gym.

What are you doing each day, each week, each month and each year to strengthen your mental muscle? 

What does your workout look like? Are you putting in the reps to have the “mental body” you have always wanted? With the right mental body, you will be able to achieve anything you want for yourself in your life. 

Most of the time the mental workout is not as fun as the outdoor activities you have planned or social gatherings you can attend and they usually do not happen while watching Netflix or any other video library. Not to mention the mental workout does not usually have the foods you would normally desire, rather consuming content and being in conversations that lack the fats, sugars and additives that consumes much of our society.

While you may gain information from a magazine article, a blog post or even a Youtube video. The real work happens when you ask questions, when you seek to understand and when you take the time to gain access to the insight that will build strength in your life. Often these questions will be difficult to find, let alone ask yourself. They will come with emotion and sometimes harsh realities and pain. However on the other side is tremendous freedom and more importantly the growth necessary for your success.

So for the next time you are wondering why someone else has a life you desire, remember, they probably have been spending more time in the gym, the mental gym. Doing the reps, sticking to the mental diet and building the muscles for their growth and development to achieve the success they desired. 

What do you do to strengthen the mental muscle?

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