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If You Are Not Talking, Your Next Client is Not Listening

The average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on a social media platform - this is usually consuming content that someone, somewhere made. For people seeking to grow their business, to advance their career or to just make more sales, it is surprising that more are not willing to take 24 minutes to create a piece of content and 2 hours promoting that content instead.

If you are reading this and a bit confused, hopefully this is a wake up call for you and your business - You do realize we live an era where if you are not producing content you are basically obsolete? 

If you are not taking the time to create content, someone else is and there are people every day spending over two hours consuming it. How would you like to be one of the content creators benefiting from all of this media consumption? 

There are many resources, tools and professionals that can train you on how to create content, make videos with the right lighting and angles, even when to post on what platforms and the ads to buy to promote the content. In fact, Neil Patel, basically provided a playbook with one of his blog articles (connect with me in the app and I will share the link).

So, just how do you use content marketing to grow your business? As Gary Vaynerchuck says “Jab, jab, jab, right hook. Provide value, provide value, provide value, ask for the sale.” So just how are you going to throw your jabs? 

  1. You have to be committed to making regular content - is that once a day, once a week or once a month? Whatever it is you need to commit to a consistent schedule for producing your content. Make it part of your regularly scheduled activities. 

  2. You want your content to be reliable - you want people to know, like and trust what you are saying. In this day and age you may not get everyone to agree with you, however you have to be willing to create reliable content based on your subject matter expertise. Remember there is a difference between opinions and advice - advice comes from experience and you know what they say about opinions. 

  3. Set the tone for your content by letting those who consume your content understand what you are going to be delivering on a consistent basis based on your expertise. Your potential client will consume your content because they know what they have been conditioned to expect from you and it is because of this they keep coming back for more.

  4. If you are going to take the time to create content. It is important that you have a platform to distribute your content on. Specifically do you have an audience that is made up of more than your friends, family, and a few business colleagues - you need to have a reach that includes people who could be a potential client. So, finding a platform that can provide you with an opportunity to distribute your message to a mass group of people who may or may not be familiar with you currently. Finding these platforms can be challenging, so it is important to begin to align yourself with the right group of people. 

Remember that patience is a virtue and Rome was not built in a day. Just because you make a piece of content does not mean the floodgates will open. Be committed to invest months if not years in this process. For those who do commit over the long term to creating content, they will harvest the audience over time and create growth and success for themselves and their business. 
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