How to free yourself from fear-based decisions

As long as our subconscious thought and behavior patterns remain unseen, we have no choice but to follow them. We act out the same scripts over and over again, wondering why we’re not improving. We might even begin to let go of the growth we want, thinking we simply don’t have the personality for it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

As a coach, my role is never to help founders make decisions, rather it is to help founders see the patterns and frameworks that underlie their choices so that they can make their own decisions more consciously. By training ourselves to see our thought and behavior patterns objectively, as something apart from ourselves, rather than as part of our immutable “self,” we are presented with a choice:

Follow the automatic pattern you’ve always followed and get the results you've always gotten, or choose differently.

So much of my work is centered around this process: moving the mind from subject to object, so it can be c