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At Investable Mastermind, we are dedicated to empowering the lives of the like-minded entrepreneurial members of our community. 


We collaborate with the community to pursue their vision in a fulfilling and abundant way, so that, we can accomplish together what we couldn’t have done alone. 


We seek to achieve all the things and experiences necessary to live our most authentic lives.

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Our 3 Unqiues


• Go Giver

• Growth Minded

• Accountability

• Vulnerable

• Have Fun

• Healthy Lifestyle


Just like going to a gym, you start with having a desire to shift your identity to “be healthy” or “be in shape” the foundation for going to the mental gym is the desire to Be Investable.



Once you have made it to the gym and start valuing the works outs and begin to shift your beliefs, you look to join classes or groups at the gym or in the fitness community. Similarly, as the entrepreneur becomes investable they seek more networking, fundraising, and business development.


The natural tendency is for someone looking to take their fitness to the next level is to get a coach for accountability. Once an entrepreneur becomes investable and has the network they desire, they look for accountability to perfect their business.



Professional Service industry and individuals who are Partners or Owners in a 5-15 person company with $5-$20 mill in revenue. Ideally these people have a Personal income of $150k+ and Net Worth $250k+.


You can expect 40 to 65 individual entrepreneurs at the event.


We believe the psychographics of our community is perhaps more important than the demographics.  We look for community members who are or want to be living our core values.  Especially those of being Growth Minded, being a Go-Giver, and being Accountable.

Process leading up to the event


Initial outreach and discovery call.  Goal is to make introductions, determine interest, and enable next steps.


Introduction of the Keynote/Keynote’s staff to Investable Mastermind event coordinator.  Goal is to answer any further questions, provide greater detail, provide needed links, discuss promo video, and provide other logistics.


Investable Mastermind will send a calendar invite for the agreed upon Event date.  This invite will also contain the Zoom link for the event.

Keynote will send headshot and bio to the event coordinator and/or to


Schedule 30 minutes for promo video.  This session usually takes less than 30 minutes with the goal of obtaining two or three very short clips that we can use on our platform to promote the Keynote and the event.  This will be a video call that will be recorded and edited for use.  We try to do all video production on one Friday a month.  Please let us know if you have any conflicts. To schedule the time for the promo video please use this CALENDLY LINK.  


Further information on the recording session is listed below in the Promo Video Section


Keynote should expect an email to reconfirm the event in the 3-4 weeks leading up to the event date.


Attend the event, deliver your keynote to an audience of growth minded entrepreneurs. Further details about the day of the event listed below in the Event Schedule Section.

Promo Video Session

The Keynote and Michael Melfi will provide the content for the promo video.  Both individuals will be on the call together.


To schedule studio time please use the following:

The Session

There are two parts to the video session.


The first portion will be the introduction made by Michael, welcoming the Keynote to the event, and looking forward to seeing everyone.  Here is a sample video:

Script for Part 1:

Michael's Intro

I am Michael Melfi, a founder here at the Investable Mastermind.  I'd like to welcome to the stage, __________Name of Keynote________.


Keynote and Micheal exchange pleasantries. 


Michael:  We are looking forward to having you at our __DATE of EVENT____ event from 4-6 pm.  It is going to be a wonderful event with you there and a lot of great entrepreneurs.  


Keynote:  I am looking forward to it as well and can't wait to meet everyone.


Our events start at 4pm est. and end at 6pm est. 

You should expect 40-65 entrepreneurs in attendance.  


You are not required to attend the full event, but you are more than welcome to.  We recognize your busy schedule and appreciate your willingness to share with our community.

We ask all Keynotes to log into the event by 4:40pm est.

The Keynote will start their presentation at 4:45.

The presentation should be 15 minutes.

We will leave 5+- minutes for Q&A


4:00-4:15  Introductions

4:15-4:30  Breakout Session 1

4:30-4:45  Vision, Win Share, and Healthy Deposit

4:45-5:05  Keynote

5:05-5:25  Breakout Session 2

5:25-5:50  Productive Inquiry

5:50-6:00  Closing and Breakout Session 3


 The second will be the Keynote inviting people to the event and providing a brief description of their keynote.  This will be under a minute.  Here is a video sample to the left:

Script for Part 2:

Hello, my name is _________.  Please join me on ___DATE___ from 4-6 as I talk about____________(give brief description)_______.   I look forward to seeing you on the ___DATE___.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues please contact Brandon Metzger at or 734-645-4888

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