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Why a Mastermind?

The Investable Mastermind was created for like-minded entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations to focus on accountability, connectivity, and investability. 


Professionals and business owners struggle to make quality connections with like minded people - so they do not have opportunities for future business. 

Professionals and business owners face challenges and obstacles in growing their business -  and because of that they are not working on their business.

Professionals and business owners are frustrated with the lack of trusted advice and they have no one to help them solve problems.

Community Partnership

Become truly Investable and Connectable.


Community partners get to be part of the community and grow themselves (investability and connectability)

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Virtual Membership

(Membership will go live January 2021)

Our Virtual Membership will provide you with game-changing Accountability, all from the comfort of your home. Let us help you obtain the proper mindset to consistently, and in a scalable model, enable  Funding/Financing, Talent Attraction/Retention, and Influence/Business Development. 

Network Membership

Get the most value from your membership with Investable Mastermind. Our Network Membership optimally provides you with the tools you need to be Investable, Connectable, and Accountable.


We are dedicated to empowering the lives of the like-minded entrepreneurial members of our community. 


We collaborate with the community to pursue their vision in a fulfilling and abundant way, so that, we can accomplish together what we couldn’t have done alone.


We seek to achieve all the things and experiences necessary to live our most authentic lives.

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