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Community Membership

What does a Membership do for Me?

A Community Memberership is free of charge. Here are a few things that you can expect to gain: 

  1.  Access to Investable Mastermind's exclusive Linkedin Group

  2.  The ability to utilize the weekly meeting scheduler

  3.  Free resources

  4.  Complimentary Daily Success Program 

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We're focused on three key areas to help you be successful.

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Benefits of Being a Community




  • Each week each event attendee will have the opportunity for a 1:1 introduction call with another community participant in 3 easy steps:

  1. ) INTRO CALL INVITE - A professional is identified you should meet for a 15-minute intro call at a mutually available time. We send the calendar invite with a profile of your match to review.

  2. ) ACCEPT OR DECLINE THE INVITE - If you and your match both accept the invite, the meeting is booked and we provide a one-touch conference line. All logistics are handled by us for your convenience.

  3. ) 15 MIN INTRO CALL - Simply click the conference line from your calendar and start networking. We even provide the prep notes about your match prior to your call.




  • Ability to connect with other Investable Mastermind community participants


  • Daily content is based on the Investable Concepts


What should you do next?

The Investable Mastermind is focused on the transformation of individuals and the growth and success of organizations.

  • Communicate with the person who invited you to the community

  • Chose if joining as a Node Member is right for you

  • Play full out and build an abundant life you love!

  • Schedule a 15 minute meeting 

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